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Compostable packaging products are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and enthusiastically supported by customers.

Visually identical to its plastic alternative, packaging made from corn won’t leave a trace of an aftertaste, will safely store food just like plastic does, hot food cups and containers will hold the heat, but won’t fill our dumps with ‘white pollution’. We sell biodegradable food industry products which offer a viable, compo stable alternative to plastic plates, hot cups, utensils and clams.

PLA packaging is replacing plastic world-wide. Unlike petroleum-based plastics, PLA (Polylactic acid) is made from fermented plant starch (a 100% annually renewable resource), is carbon neutral, and is compo stable By comparison, plastic is not biodegradable, takes over a 1,000 years to break down, and only 1-3% of plastic is recycled. Producing PLA uses 65 percent less energy than producing conventional plastics, generates 68 percent fewer greenhouse gases, and contains no toxins.

A good reason to continue using plastic?